Thursday, June 4, 2009

The quietest place in India

I have to admit that I love that I never have to drive here in India and that there is no way that I could ever get put in that position.

I would much rather be a passenger.

While we were driving back to Kanpur from Lucknow, I was barely paying attention to my surroundings. My mind was thinking about my book and my ears were consumed by my iPod. All the sudden I felt the car come to an abrupt stop. I look up and saw TONS of cars backed up as far as I could see in both directions. Traffic jam in India!

The amazing thing was that it was completely silent. Or as close to silence as we have heard since we got here. All the cars were off and incredibly, there was no honking. No honking in India? I know, we couldnt believe it either. Our driver then told us it was because a train was coming. We sat there for about ten minutes, witnessed the train pass and without a moments hesitation , the engines were turned on and the honking started instantaneously.


Chelsea Irons said...

I love following your adventure! The pics are great Annie! I wish I was there beside you!

this week for dinner - jane maynard said...

that is so funny that everyone was so patient waiting for the train, but as soon as it was gone they start funny. love your posts!