Saturday, June 6, 2009

And it came down to this

The following would be an array of statements I heard over and over again before leaving for India:

"The food isn't like the Indian food you have eaten here."
"My *insert distant family member and/or friend here* went to India and was on the toliet the entire time."
"Don't drink the water."
"They don't eat cow but I hear they eat dog." (this may be the most ridiculous one)
"Everything is going to be too spicy"
"All you're going to want is American food after one week."

Now, it is true, you shouldn't drink the water and a lot of the food is spicy. Spice is good. Spice means it'll taste good. We have been eating Indian food for every meal since we got here and it has been so great! It's like going to Tandoori Oven in Logan everyday. mmmm.

A few nights ago, Katie and I decided to venture out and have the "specialty pizza" that was advertised in the window of the campus restaurant. "A little taste of home", was the thought behind the decision.

What came out to us was not pizza. It was spongy bread topped with peppers, onions, and cheez-whiz. Yes, cheez-whiz. Of course we ate it anyways and that's when it hit.

We didn't leave our room the entire day on Thursday.

Ironic that that meal that makes us sick was the "American cuisine"...

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Katie said...

Your post is much more...polite...than mine, on this topic.