Friday, September 10, 2010

Beating the sun in the morning is nothing to boast about

Two things:
1. Draper is REALLY far away.
2. I've driven more miles in the last two days between a goose chase with the DMV and my oral health than I have in the last two weeks.

I had my bi-annual dentist appointment (5 months late) yesterday. The result: nooo cavities. All there is to see here are some pearly whites with a little bit of crowding on the bottom. We can thank my lost retainer for that. It is safe to say the days of terrible dentists are finally over! My horror stories with the DDS in Utah rival the number of awkward encounters with strangers on public transportation. Hopefully those numbers separate themselves from one another. At least the strangers are entertaining...and they aren't ripping out teeth.


Mawa said...

So - did you get your driver's license?

anne.elizabeth said...

I got my social security card in the mail yesterday. It's like I'm a real person!