Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's February.

I've been squeamish the last few weeks. Maybe it's because I have been using words like, "squeamish". hm...

At any rate, I'm over the hump and I could not feel any better about where I am at this moment. It's going to be a good week.

Last summer, kristen and I took a road trip across the southern, well I guess more central, part of the country. We did it 1999 style. This included no iphone, no smart phone, no ipod or any other electrical necessity of the 21st century. It did include granola, dried mango, a paper map, and mixed cds.

When we were in West Virginia, we listened to this song on repeat for approximately the entire time we were in the state. We also tried to make the lunch prices at Chuck-a-Rama. What else were we supposed to do in that state? Buuut we're cheap and unwilling to spend 10 bucks.

Hey, if we weren't willing to spend 20 on seeing the natural bridge, we sure were not going to spend 10 on saturated fat topped with grease gravy.


Kristen said...

Not entirely worth noting, but I believe it is grimier and more indicative of why saving the $13.95 and spending an extra 3 hours to find a meal was feasible, it was Golden Corral. My grandma does love that place though.

Kristen said...

P.S. That Natural Bridge looks breath taking, and I'm a lot more financially stable than I was in the summer.... ARE YOU THINKING WHAT I'M THINKING????