Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2/3 left!

I used to take pictures everyday. I used to work everyday as well. What else did I used to do on a regular basis? Oh, I used to walk to the grocery store and to the bookstore. Winter seems to have put a halt on a lot of things. It is probably unfair for me to blame the change on him instead of my own apathy, however. Along with that, I actually really do appreciate the lack of serving restaurant food in my life.

Jessie and I walked to the town library last night and it was just lovely. Crisp air that was pleasant to be in and great company that was pleasant to be with. Funny how 30*f is "pleasant" these days. I'm excited for the spring time.

Goals for the week:
-take pictures again
-walk to the grocery store
-write a letter
-apply for a job

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