Thursday, January 31, 2008

I love that I had my camera for this

I rummage in my closet and find my brown boots. I slip them on along with my coat and grab my camera off the table. I decide to head outside to take my daily picture. After trampling in the snow for a bit, I am satisfied with my shots and head back up the front steps. I place my hand on the handle and it doesn't budge. I freeze for a moment and it is not because of the cold. The following words slip out of clinched teeth, "You have got to be kidding me".
The second window down is the destination...
I may have broken that.
Trying to open a window from the outside with your feet not on the ground is more difficult than you'd think.
I tried mountain climbing.
I had to MacGyver it instead.
The view from the top.
I'm in! And my hands look like old lady hands...they proceeded to hurt for a good 15 minutes after.


Bill from Jersey said...

I'll bet you may have said something else, as well. Very funny!

Lisa Holbrook said...

hahahaha! I love it. Why do you guys lock the doors...I don't know. I'm so glad my little orange bike could be could for something....keep good care of her.

Oh man that was a great story!!