Thursday, September 27, 2007

All these places feel like home

When I was younger, my mom bought each person in my family a small notebook. It was supposed to be our gratitude journal. We were supposed to write down five things we were grateful for everyday. During the time, I’m pretty sure I only had about twenty entries all together. I thought about that journal today. And today, I am starting a new one.

(I wish Nate wasn't missing. Can you believe we don't have a picture of ALL of us??)

the list

-friends who make me better.
-night time skies (the moon is awesome right now!)
-peanut butter & jelly sandwiches


NDM said...

I wish I wasn't missing too. By the way, Cate is definately with you on the PB&J. Although, sometimes she prefers it with honey. Hope school is going well.

Melissa said...

i know, huh, the moon kept my room so bright the last 2 nights. cool and kinda creepy.

jayant said...

your post made an interesting reading.It amazes me sometimes how little things as these can make us realise the true worth of this life,our family, friends and everything else..
would love to read more..
happy blogging!!!