Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Everyone likes free things

My sister, in case you didn't know, has a really great food blog. And right now, she's got an AWESOME giveaway on her website right now. Not only could you win a pizza stone set but she's in a competition with other bloggers. The blogger with the most comments gets a shopping spree through The Pampered Chef that she's going to share with the winner! Go, go, go and comment! It's her Christmas present since I haven't given her her Christmas present yet (I know, I know. It's April...I realize that). So, help me (her) out and comment!

photo and obviously incredible recipe by Jane


Anonymous said...

I like this new look!


Mawa said...

Hummmm - there are other Christmas presents having to do with songs that are late too I think??? Do Nate and I still have time to submit our titles?

I like the new look too!

cora said...

I feel so angry when I look at your blog, but don't know why....grrrr!