Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There is a small list of things I hate. It goes as follows:
-singing in public
-being on a stage
-people who pretend to know the words to songs but don't actually know them
-pushy individuals

All of these things encompass a karaoke night. All of these things I had to endure last night. I would like to introduce you to the group who picked "Gangstas Paradise" but only knew the "shadow of death" line, the two girls who picked Britney Spears over and over and never actually sang, and my new "friend", Justin, who bullied me into submitting a song. My night was one of disdain.

My timidness was escalated by the fact that my friends were KINGS at this activity. Seriously. I wasn't sure if being good at karaoke was something to aspire to but now I can see it as a skill to be had.

I almost sang Sheryl Crow, "Strong Enough" just to reminisce over my old acapella days in high school. In our spring performance, I had to sing a solo because I was a senior. That was my solo. I was terrified. Now, 6 years later, I was still terrified. This time, though, Sheryl wasn't my strength. She wasn't even a choice in the book if you can believe that. So, alas, life long goal #46 was crossed off my list: Scratch that. Belt Wilson Phillips in a public setting.


Rosie Boren said...

feel free?

Justin + Ashley said...

Sounds like a great Japanese inspired night! LOVE it! Wish I was there to sing next to you.

sue said...

I love you.

McKayJoice said...

You should try Asian keraoke, you would be singing a entirely difrent tune.


anne.elizabeth said...

I feel like you can only do karaoke in Asia. In a little room. with a black light and a 10 inch thick book. Mckay, I HOPE you've been doing some?! :)

Ash, I'll sing with you anytime. I might be in Logan on Wednesday...I'll call you.

rose, I'm confused. ha

anne.elizabeth said...

& sue, I love you.

Chelsea Lynn Irons said...

Ohhh man I missed out. Hahahahaha karaoke! I can sing Willson Phillips like a champ!

melissa marie said...


but really, you hate when people pretend to know the words? i loove that!

anne.elizabeth said...

well, really only when I think I can do the song terrible is that? ha.