Monday, October 4, 2010

Feel free to bypass this post

Over the last few months (really years and years), I have been searching for articles of individuals who support gay-rights and the acceptance of the LGBT community among those of the Mormon faith. It has been my attempt to gain a little more hope in the culture that I grew up in. These articles include an editorial by Cary Crall, questioning the motivation behind the LDS support of Proposition 8. It was published in BYU's Daily Universe only to be revoked from the website 24 hours later. Along with Crall's words, this article about the grassroot movements occurring in LDS congregations in Northern California supporting gay rights and finding remorse in the LDS church's actions taken in the Fall of 2008 has also acted as a small success in my mind. And as always, the Exponent blog has delivered thought provoking entries on the topic.

Sadly, the voice that will be heard around the world, especially the LDS world, will not be that of those above and the many others out there who speak of acceptance and tolerance but what was heard in a General Conference session on October 3, 2010. A talk given by Boyd K. Packer threw down the iron fist on homosexuality in many people's eyes. He used a metaphor of the absurdness of children voting on the sex of a kitten in a classroom to be equal to the "absurdness" of voting on legalizing gay marriage. He also discussed pornography side by side to gay marriage in what I can only see as an attempt to show a connection between the two. It is one thing to stand by one's belief against gay marriage (I don't agree. However, we all are entitled to our own ideas) but it is a completely different thing to do so in the fashion that degrades and belittles other human beings. Have we really come to the point where we find homosexuality so vile that we categorize it, synonymously, with the objectification of women and men? I hope not.

Hours after this talk, I read this entry on Facebook. It was what prompted me to find Packer's talk and listen to it for myself. I do not know the author of the Facebook writing but I feel as though his words are some of the most genuine thoughts on the matter. I usually keep these things to myself but I feel as though I need to, at the very least, write them down. Since my journal has collected dust over the last few months, here I am. I will never be as eloquent and clear as women like Jana Riess. I like what she has to say. She's level-headed, thorough, and unforgiving of her personal beliefs.

For that, I thank her.

Additional Reading: This article about Professor Bill Bradshaw of BYU discussing the evidence that shows homosexuality is, in fact, biological.


Rosie Boren said...

oh I wish I could understand the world around me too. Although I have opinions on one side, I do recognize that there is a problem. I won't understand why he spoke the way he did and I can't say that some day things will change because I don't think it will but I know that I personally can be loving to everyone no matter what I believe and they believe. It is important that we speak our opinions on both sides... no one should be silent. It's a tricky situation, but I am glad you posted these articles, its important to understand all sides.... hey... field hockey?????

anne.elizabeth said...

I wasn't upset that he was defending marriage between a man and woman. That is his belief and the official stance of the church. What I was hurt by was the way he tried to say that homosexuality is unnatural. I am a firm believer that science and religion go hand in hand. Elder Packer's statements were contradictory to science and what has been said by other church leaders. His delivery, I fear, will do much harm. Although, I hope that is not the case.

and yes, field hockey!!!

Sue said...

Annie I love what you wrote here. I didn't hear about it until after the fact but his talk shocked me when I read it. You would think after all this time things like this wouldn't surprise me anymore. I find it hard to believe we live in such a world.

Christian said...

I don't think you need to have "you can skip this" at the beginning of this article.

I Ike Carol Lynn Pearson quite a bit. You should read about her if you don't know her - her writeup of a stake gathering to quell hate and another writeup of Elder Jensen meeting with a stake post-prop 8 and getting direct insight into the pain of what occurred there is pretty moving (posted on