Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ice cream recipes I don't want to forget

no ice cream maker needed

doesn't brown butter ice cream sound incredible?

"My Kitchen" made a pact not to buy anything new in 2010. Whether she was just talking about kitchen gadgets or not, I think I might try it.
From September 1 - December 31,
no material purchases
of any kind.
Laura once said to me,
"You know, you're the most materialistic hippie I know."
I would say that is an argument for why I am NOT a hippie.
Nonetheless, it will be hard not to purchase these pups.


Rosie Boren said...


melissa marie said...

mmm, holy cow i have been reading the stone soup blog ever since i read this post this morning. it's awesome.

anne.elizabeth said...

oh, I know! It's pure happiness. Every word.