Thursday, August 12, 2010

The bi-annual reminder


1. You need to dust
2. Look around and pay attention
3. Buy an orange. Vitamin C is important
4. Start taking pictures again
5. A brush is not an unnecessary purchase
6. The cost to print photos from the last 4 years is going to be ridiculous
7. You're only human

With regards,
Your Suppressed Conscious


Dear Suppressed Conscious,

In regards to number 5, I probably will continue to defer that purchase. My hair looks just fine the way it is. I believe numbers 1 and 2 are connected. If I looked around, I would probably realize I had friends on the baseboards. Oranges are delightful but they are just aren't in season and I'm trying to eat in season. Not taking pictures would mean I would have less to add to number 6. Something to think about, I'd say. Although, I do miss number 4. Consider that one changed starting today.

Number 7? Now that's a rough pill to swallow.

As always, thanks for the head knock.


1 comment:

Chelsea Lynn Irons said...

you are a great writer I love this anne

... i want to be a part of 4