Thursday, May 20, 2010

I should really be grateful for the fact that I can pretty much be anywhere and be 100% adjustable to my surroundings. However, it makes it really difficult in trying to figure out what to do after college. I am in limbo these days. I graduated two weeks ago and I find myself roaming downtown Salt Lake for half my time and spending the other half of the day watching Food Network with Allie, one of my new roommates. She had ACL surgery on Monday and I have a bum wrist from a bike accident on Saturday. Barefoot Contessa has become a staple.

My arm is starting to cramp so I must go. I have had a lovely May this year. One full of family, friends, and change. All great things and happy to have in my life.



Laura Rose said...

all you good-for-nothing gimps.

Lisa R. Lewis said...

this photo is perrrrfection.

Lisa R. Lewis said...

yah, i wrote this on the wrong post. blast. freaking blast.