Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A not so secret, secret

i like hiphop music. The majority of my Pandora stations could be categorized by this: b.i.g., kanye, a tribe called quest, tupac, jay-z, aesop rock....i'm not sure what it is but there's definitely something.

i'm working on my senior research paper which discusses privatization and decentralization of education in latin america. my morning has consisted of trying to sound out spanish words while typing to the beat of this. the group, the xx, have mixed their songs with the notorious b.i.g. on this album. it's genius. yep, i just said genius. take it or leave it. be forewarned, there's some language. my two favorites? Oh, i'm glad you asked: basic hypnosis and mo stars mo problems.

happy wednesday and i hope you let a little beat into your life this afternoon.