Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sometimes things just pop out

Update: It's sunny and I can wear a skirt


this week for dinner - jane maynard said...

what's popping out? the fact that scarlet can't sing and they totally computerized her voice and compared to pete it's totally obvious?

the song is fun - I'll admit. anna liked it and twirled around. :)

anne.elizabeth said...
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anne.elizabeth said...

Man, so many Scarlett haters! Sheesh. I don't care how lame she is (the music video is quite boring. SHE'S boring, let's be honest) BUT the song is catchy and I find it gets stuck in my head more than it should. It is just the right pop song for the moment

Also, Pete can do no wrong.

I'm standing by this post head strong!

melissa marie said...

i have to say i've been avoiding watching this video (not because of scarlett! i have nothing against her! but because i'm usually at work or somethin), but i'm so glad i finally did because i really enjoyed it. it makes me wish it was sunny instead of night.

Anonymous said...

I sort of like her. You know, Scarlett and I did a movie scene together. She was delightful!


Amy Worthington said...

For the record - Jen and I loved this song. So much in fact that we purchased it on i-Tunes and play at least once a day.

Thanks anne!