Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Secret...

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While eating dinner at the rooftop café of our hotel, Anne related to me that she was living by the principles of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. She and her mother had discussed the book some time back. The general notion of the book is that things will come to fruition if you simply put them into the universe through verbal affirmation. The night before we thought we may have been scammed buying our plane tickets, riots in Punjab almost threatened our trip, and Anne needed to call home but the time difference increased the anxiety. However, by that time, all the false starts had worked themselves into placidity, and Anne attributed it to her constant repetition that things would be alright.

The next evening our driver, Suman, was jolting through the Old Delhi traffic to take us home after a long day of sight-seeing. We had the windows rolled down for a/c, and at one of the many stops, a man selling books approached our open window. He shoved The White Tiger into the window, touting it as proudly as he should have. The book won the 2009 Booker Prize; and it is quite good. “I have already read that,” I said off-handed, hoping he would leave but he just took this as encouragement to grab another from the stack in his arms towering above his head.

“This one, Madame.” I lazily looked over through my sunglasses.

It was, “The Secret.”

We had put it out there and surely, it came.

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