Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today's a "catch up" Kind of Day

I am all about the little things. Little tins, little snacks, little bracelets, little plants, little flats, little documentaries. I've learned the little things are never a let down. I went to bed early last night and didn't set my alarm this morning, made a real breakfast and drove to class. All things I very much needed. Before making these little choices, I was sitting in my room trying to decide what my plan of attack was for the day. I looked up at my window and saw the greatest little thing in my room at the moment: a tissue paper flower.

My dear friend, Kirsten made it for me for Valentine's Day. I'm pretty sure it snatched the award for "Best V-Day Gift of a Lifetime".

It probably only took about 5 minutes to make but that little amount of time has brought forth incredible outcomes.

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Soleil said...

you're tagged in my last blog posting.