Saturday, November 8, 2008

Recurring thoughts must have a purpose, don't you think?

I conclude: yes.

Whether we follow them is something entirely different.

I have a friend who in turn has another friend. This is what I have learned from them:

"i once had a friend, who when i asked her why she didn't do something she really wanted to do, said something to the effect of 'i'm like that shy girl, who has always had this deep desire to be a ballerina, but never told anyone. she bought a pair of ballet slippers, but leaves them hanging in her closet. she tries them on once in a while, but only with the door shut, and even then, she doesn't dance.' "-J.E.M.

And yet again, I am inspired by the subtle truths I unknowingly stumble upon.


MaWa said...

So - what is the recurring thought??? and/or the purpose???

Anonymous said...

JEM? The famous Jane Erika?

Annie said...

oh wow. evidently, there's two j.e.m.'s in my life