Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's late, I'm not tired, and a bit bored.

I've changed my mine, I was going to do one of those survey things and then as I started to do it, I realized three things:
1) I'm super lame. My life is just not interesting enough.
2) I have no patience and/or attention span to make lists of 8 things
3) If it's reality television, I'll probably like it.

So, to sum up what you would have read about, I miss and love Valley Pizza pizza. I watch TV on DVD. Yesterday, I gave up a shift at work and made cookies instead. I can't wait to go to Europe. And as typical as my next statement sounds coming from a twenty-something, my wishlist consists of a macbook pro and a new car,preferably one that starts every time I start it up.

How cute is she? Cute, I know. I get to see her and her sister in less than 7 days!! :)


liNdsEYloO said...

i'm awake. but bc i just woke up on brad's chest and had to kick him out of my house.
i'm glowing :)
and i can't wait until you see your nieces.
and i knew you wouldn't do the 8 things. its so lame i can't believe i did it.

MaWa said...

I'm hoping you were changing your mind not your mine -

New car????!!!!