Tuesday, September 16, 2008

this is good


MaWa said...

White watch - replaceable

fake diamond studs - replaceable

your cliche verre - ohhhhhhh - I'm so sorry! I keep thinking it has to be somewhere???? your old basement?

Laura Rose said...

and you told me you sucked at French. You didn't tell me you played guitar so well. Or that you're on YouTube. Why all the secrets?

Anne Left. Lisa Right said...

I don't know french.

p.s. call the art dude that used to be your teacher - ask him if he has a copy. you must find it.

-lisa, american.

Anonymous said...

Tres bonne. After listening to Carla, someone pointed me to Eva Cassidy.

MaWa said...

hummm - speaking of the 'art dude that used to be your teacher' did you ever take the cliche verre by so he could take a picture????