Saturday, July 19, 2008

It is currently July 19, 2008 8:17 A.M Eastern Standard Time

In case you didn't know, it's July 19th. Just throwing that out there. This summer has gone by soooo fast. I can't believe it! Most of all, I can't believe I almost stayed in Logan for the summer. I'm really grateful that I didn't. As much as I love being home, I will say I am excited about going back to Utah. When I'm in Utah, part of me always I misses New Jersey like crazy. So much, it makes my stomach churn. That same part of me misses Utah whenever I'm in New Jersey. It used to frustrate me but not anymore. I think it means that I'm happy and love where I am and love where I'm headed. I like that.

Here's the swap list. It's what I'm going to miss and what I'm excited for (I stole this from Laura's blog..Thanks Laur!):

10 Things I'll miss in NJ:
1- Really good bagels and pizza
2- Walking through Maplewood to work everyday
3- Sleepovers at Christian and Cora's
4- driving C&C's stick in high stress situations..ha.
5- weekends at my parents
6- working in New York City
7- my best friends from home
8- taking the train and the subway
9- Trees
10- the hilarious people I work with

10 Things I'm excited for in Utah:
1- Dry heat
2- Jackson Hole trip
3- Lisa's wedding
4- my friends in Logan
5- my mattress
6- the mountains
7- having a bike
8- school
9- Old Grist Mill with Laur
10- my little acura integra

I like both of these places. They're good ones.


Stephen and Rosie Boren said...

don't come here its too hot....

Laura Rose said...

i totally forgot to add "dry heat" to the things i'm excited about. good one.

oh, you forgot to put on things you'll miss: seeing kenny out and about.(still in shock.)

Suzi said...

I could make lists like that too. I miss you babe!