Saturday, June 21, 2008

The summer of Green

I've been home for about two weeks. The best part so far this summer (this includes May)?...I've only driven a car three days since May 3rd. :) I love no car. I hate driving. I love public transportation and feet. I work in Irvington which is 3.3 miles away from where I live. Cora has to be at work by 8 and I at 9 so I hitch a ride with her to her work. It probably cuts off .4 miles. Then, with my ipod shuffle, I walk down Springfield Ave through Maplewood, turn right onto Chancellor and another right onto 40th street and I arrive at work 2.9 miles later. When I go into the city for work, I go to the train station and take the train into New York City. When I'm in the city, I walk and take the subway.

It's wonderful.

I've met some of the greatest people on earth in the last two weeks including this old man in a Gristede's Grocery Store in Greenwich Village on Thursday. He lives in the Fiji jungle and comes to New York in the summer to be with civilization. He is also currently editing/writing the dictionary for the Fiji language. Sampling Gelato in New York can get sooo boring because you're alone all day, but it's turned out to be pretty rad. I get to read a lot of trashy and not so trashy magazines and talk to people. And when I'm on break, I walk around New York and find cool places to have lunch and cool parks.

Here's some pictures from this week's adventures.

I like this place.


liNdsEY aNdERsoN said...

i'm so jealous right now.

Stephen and Rosie Boren said...

woman you work in new york... you need to tell me about your life

Melissa said...

sorry, what? you sample gelato for a living? is this some kind of joke?

anne said...

No joke at all, Miss Meliss. Gelato is my new best friend.