Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Greetings from New Jersey

I think one of the things I hate most is changing my watch. I just started wearing it a month ago when I bought it in Korea and I've already had to change the time 3 times. Thank goodness I'll be in the same time zone for the next three months. My clock is set and it is not changing.

PS TREES ARE GREAT. Living in a desert kind of makes you forget how wonderful it is when EVERYTHING is covered with greenness.

PPS...I love airports...


Stephen and Rosie Boren said...

i know what you mean
green is my knew favorite color when i see it anywhere in utah im like woowww that amazing ... soon everything will be dead and i will cry but i will in jersey in two months... so watch your back

Laura Rose said...

1. green green green is RIGHT. i am surrounded by trees on this end of the country.

2. but no mountains.

3. you're sneaky in airports.

4. he's cute.

Suzi said...

Oh no I miss Jersey again! I love seeing all the green. I never knew which way was North though :)

Anonymous said...

Who is this boy on your blog?
Grandma B