Wednesday, May 7, 2008

here we are

I've spent an entire day traveling and never got the chance to live May 6, 2008 but I guess that's the price to pay to go to Korea. I love being somewhere where I don't know the language and I am surrounded by thousands of people. Cities are great.

This is where we are staying. There's an open court yard, which you can see, and the rooms are doors that come off of it all the way around.

Here's some pictures of the city...


Nenos said...

See Please Here

Laura Rose said...

You missed May 6?! Everyone knows that's the best day of the year!!

That's okay, Korea looks amazing. Thank goodness for blogs.

The Blackburns said...

Annie you're in KOREA! That is awesome. Is it just for vaca or what? Oh man, and you're going back to Jersey. I am jealous. I wish i could visit there every once in a while. Good Job living life! Oh and this is Aria

WHEN DEE said...

It's Beautiful!
Anne is Korea.
I miss you.

Lisa Holbrook said...

i love it.

i love it.

i love it.

promise when you come home, you will kiss the American soil.

WaMa said...

Ummmmm - what city are you in? You know you never did send your itinerary.... I guess we have to trust you are 'somewhere'!!