Saturday, March 15, 2008

Try it out

I left Sugar House at 10:45p.m.
I got to Logan at 2:05a.m.

It took me 50 minutes to drive from Sugar House to Brigham City.
It took me 2 hours to drive from Brigham City to Logan.

SLC->BC...59 miles
BC->Logan...24 miles

It not supposed to blizzard in the middle of March.
But I'm grateful for the me time.

"You need time to meditate and ponder, to think, to wonder at the great plan of happiness that the Lord has outlined for His children." -G.B.Hinckley


Shantel said...

I suck at Blogging? Anne, that makes me a little sad - I'm trying, I mean my golly. I didn't know the blogging world was going to be so tough on me :) Hope Spring Break was splendiferous!
P.S. where did that text come from?

anne said...

I had checked every blog I have about 4 times and when I remembered yours I really wanted a new post. haha. I love you. and the blogging world is not tough...go blog and be happy!