Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mark 5:36

One of my favorite things? Being changed because of others.

The people in my life are blessings and the last few days I have been able to learn so much more about myself because of them. I don't think many of these people know how much they really do effect my life. If they did, it wouldn't be the same.

I'm grateful for the quiet willingness these people have to be themselves no matter what and to express what they feel when they want. That is true conviction. That is something I admire and something I want to master for myself.

So, my top 5 for today reflects my gratitude for the people, both those who I know well and those I do not, who walk in and out of my life on a daily basis.

1)Friends who are bold in their beliefs
2)God's patience
3)Good conversation
4)genuine laughter
5)being proven wrong about someone

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